Magnus The Therapy Dog

The best therapist has fur and four legs!

Magnus is a 4 year yellow Labrador retriever. He was originally bred and raised to become a service dog for the blind, but like many people, Magnus had a career change. I adopted Magnus to be our family pet, but from the moment I saw how he interacted with my two young daughters, I knew that he was destined for something more. Something bigger, something much better.  After lots of research it became obvious that Magnus' personality, temperament, and intelligence were perfect for a therapy dog. I found a very reputable therapy dog organization in my area and immediately had Magnus certified and trained so we could become a pet therapy team. As a pet therapy team, we visits hospitals to comfort terminally ill children and adults. We also visit with their grieving families and the overworked hospital staff who care for these patients. We also work extensively with children who have severe learning disabilities and emotional disorders. It is easy to teach a dog basic commands; sit, stay down, etc. However, the one thing that you cannot teach a dog is empathy. This is where Magnus really shines. He has a natural ability to read people and understand what they need. Everyone who encounters Magnus cannot help smiling and feeling relaxed. He has a calming nature about him that relieves any stress or anxiety you may have, and he always makes you feel at ease. Magnus always brings the smiles, joy and love.  Our motto is "life is better with a dog" and Magnus exemplifies this everyday!